1. Complete On-site Legal Counsel
  • Providing niche business legal infrastructure including (but not limited to) services mentioned in Sections 2–10 of this table.
2. Due Diligence
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Restructuring, split-offs and spin-offs
  • Ad-hoc business needs
3. Legal Audits
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk management
  • Internal Investigation
  • Expert Opinion and Recommendations for internal legal control
4. Drafting
  • Complete internal support documents, agreements, SOPs, court documents, complex multi-party agreements, Standard form contracts
  • Consultancy and preparatory assistance
  • Collaborative drafting for negotiations, specific business and transactional needs
5. Compliance, Assurance, Reporting
  • SEBI, RBI, Labour, Environmental and other statutory compliances
  • Tax compliance
  • Internal compliance of the organisation with its bye- laws and other guidelines
6. Representation & Litigation
  • With clients, authorities and quasi-judicial bodies
  • Original, Appellate: Civil &Criminal
  • Arbitration and other commercial dispute resolution bodies
7. Scrutiny
  • Documents, agreements and contracts
  • Criminal Tax evasion and Transfer Pricing
  • White Collar Regulatory enforcement
  • Aiding in internal disciplinary proceedings and labour compliance
8. Legal Orientation & Training
9. Restructuring & Finance
  • IPO and related matters
  • Capital markets, securities and cross-border transactions and investments
  • Private Equity
  • Credit and Leveraged Finance
  • Commodities, Futures and Derivatives
10. Consultation
  • Corporate Governance and Board Advisory
  • Shareholder Relations
  • Banking and Insurance
  • IPR and Cyber Security
  • Company Law, Competition and Listing requirements
  • SEBI, RBI and Bankruptcy/Insolvency Proceedings
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Family and Matrimonial suits
  • Aviation
  • Ethics and Public Policy
  • GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance, ISO implementation and audit
  • RERA

Abbreviations: IPO = initial public offering; IPR = intellectual property rights; RBI = Reserve Bank of India; SEBI = Securities and Exchange Board of India; SOP = standard operating procedure.